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Ken Kiff

Ken Kiff, RA (29 May 1935, Dagenham, Essex, England – 15 February 2001, London) was a 20th century British painter.

Studying at the Hornsey School of Art (later to become part of Middlesex University) during 1955–61, Kiff was a figurative artist at a time when abstract art held sway. He became a Royal Academician in 1991. During 1991–93, he was Associate Artist at the National Gallery in London.

Kiff's dealer was Marlborough Fine Art in London and he exhibited there amongst other galleries. A mini retrospective exhibition of Kiff's paintings was held at the Marlborough Fine Art gallery in 2008.

Red Rocks

Signed pastel on paper, 40" x 26".

Ken Kiff Red Rocks


2004 Lancaster Art Limited