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Contemporary British Graphics -
Lancaster Art

Lancaster Art Limited buy and sell contemporary prints from our base in Manchester, England and over the Internet. We focus mainly on 20th Century British contemporary art dating from the 1940s to the present day, but we also offer some ceramics and sculpture from this period. Many of our prints are signed, making them a great limited edition purchase.

Our website offers you the chance to browse through several hundred pictures that we have in stock and gives you the opportunity to buy art online. The site is regularly updated as our stock changes. So whether you are looking for a Victor Pasmore (new prints available), Bridget Riley, Terry Frost (new prints available), Patrick Caulfield, John Hoyland or Howard Hodgkin, please take a look at our online art gallery featuring the best of contemporary british graphics.

New Lancaster Art artists: - Ken Kiff, Charles Martin, Brian Clarke,David Remfry, Allen Jones, Nicola Tyson, Kiki Smith, Lucy Jones, Victoria Morton, Peter Griffin, Jock McFadyen, John Eaves, Derrick Greaves, Paul Kostabi, Humphrey Ocean.

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